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Loft Conversion East Molesey

Lofts Conversion

Residents in East Molesey KT8 can now stop worrying about what to do with their Lofts.  London Lofts and Basements are happy to provide you our services to convert your loft area into another functional living space.  It can be a new bedroom for your growing kids or we can add a bathroom and turn it into another living space for your guests or rent it to a tenant.  We are offering free consultation as well so we can sit down and discuss various plans on how we can convert your loft into a much useful area.

Basement Conversion

Do you want to get more use out of your basement area?Your basementis one of the most functional areas in your home because of its location. It is the best place to be converted into a study room, workshop, a family room or a guest room.  We can do any kinds of basement conversions in East Molesey KT8and even customize the kind of conversion that you want.  Whether you already have a plan in mind or still not sure how to proceed, our team will be happy to show you various plans and designs.


As years go by, growing families always find the need to have more space in a specific room to accommodate their increasing needs.  London Lofts and Basements can help you by visiting your homes and confer with you the numerous options for room extensions.  We are regarded as professionals in the field and we don’t just break down any walls in your home.  When we do room extensions, we always make sure to study your home’s structure to make the work integrate neatly.


Homeowners always find new reasons to make changes in their kitchens whether it is because they like to adopt anew style or maybe add more features.  Some homeowners in London would update their kitchen layout to accommodate another dining area or a kitchen island where they can cook more freely.  Whatever style or setup you have right now, we at London Lofts and Basements will provide you the best kitchen conversion services to turn it into the kind of kitchen that will make you feel more inspired to cook.


Would you rather want a tub to soak in instead of just standing in the shower in your bathroom?  Maybe you want to renovate your bathroom and make everything luxurious from the floor, the walls to the fixtures.  If you think it is the right time to make your bathroom a place of relaxation again, then get hold of London Lofts and Basements.

Full House Refurbishments

Professionals at London Lofts and Basements are very familiar working with the housing structure and layouts in East Molesey KT8. London Lofts and is just a call away. Dial020 7993 5798 and request a free consultation.  If you have more questions about the kind of services we deliver, just fill out the form on the right.