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Loft Conversion Esher

Basement Conversions

Homeowners in Esher KT10 can now get services from London Lofts in Basements for any home conversions or home development projects you have. We can help you convert your basement into another room of your choice.  We have been converting basements into bedrooms, workshops and entertainment areas.

Loft Conversions

One of the areas in your home that you can utilize into a more functional space is your loft.  Most of the time it is usedto store old furniture, items, memorabilia or just about anything you no longer find any use for.  But know that your loft is one of the most ideal places where you can actually have more privacy.  This is why we can convert it into a study or a workshop or even a library.  Don’t let cobwebs reign in your loft.  Turn it into another escape for you or your family as you convert it into another favorite room in your house.


Bathroom conversions and restorations services are available with London Lofts and Basements in Esher KT10.  The condition of your bathroom can deteriorate for all the use it has gone through all those years.  It is no longer making you feel clean and relaxed or if the plumbing system is already making the plumber a constant home visitor, then time to get in touch with us.  Our team of skilled workers can change your bathroom style, fix damaged areas, update your shower systems and repair your plumbing system.


The kitchen area is one area in Esher KT10that homeowners would love to renovate.  With the various kitchen styles available and with more and more ways to make your cooking better, it is no wonder that those who find their kitchen a favorite place would love to develop it.  We can adapt new styles by changing your setup or remodeling the whole area. You can also keep it the way it looks right now and just add new features or repair the broken surfaces or damaged sections.  Whatever our choice is, it will be our pleasure to do it.


If you need more room or space in your home, our team can do extensions for you.  With our knowledge and experience, we can efficiently extend your rooms and help the changes assimilate with your home arrangement.  We do our best and make sure whatever plans you have will be well within your budget. Take advantage of our free consultation so we can talk to you how we will go about extending specific areas which will give you the space you want.

Full House Refurbishments

Full house refurbishments are for homeowners who either want to put their homes on theproperty market or for those who want to change the overall look of their properties.  We offer the best plans and designs that you can use together with your own ideas.

London Lofts and Basements is always available to help you out.  Call us on 020 7993 5798 or fill out the form on the right for any home projects you want to have done.