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Loft Conversion Surbiton

Lofts Conversion

Your loft can now turn into an extra functional space or can be converted into another room.  A lot of homeowners all around London find it ideal to convert their lofts into a guest room complete with its own toilet and bath.  Others turn it into a study or a work space as the loft usually offers more privacy. Talk to our team and we will show you our available designs and plans that you can use for your own loft conversion.

Basement Conversions

London Lofts and Basements offer basement conversion services n Surbiton KT5 & KT6.  Our experience with local clients gives us the knowledge to transform your basement into a new functional room.  We openly discuss with our clients what they want, their budget and their time table. We aim for nothing but to give you the kind of basement you want.


Kitchen improvement and conversions are available for our clients in Surbiton KT5 & KT6.  We can help add new kitchen sections, arrange the set-up to accommodate for what you want or clean and replace your countertops.  We can even update the style or the color theme if you want a more modern look.  Renovating your kitchen will give your home a whole new vivacity and even escalate your home value.  We will only let the right people that have the skills to do this project for you.


Getting bored on how your bathroom looks or do you usually call the plumber to fix your constant plumbing issues?  Then look no further because we have a ready team in Surbiton KT5 & KT6who can talk to you about the kind of renovations you need.  We can change the bathroom surfaces to give you your floor and walls the kind of sparkle you desire.  We also can turn your shower to a tub or your tub to a spa.  No task is too small or too big for us when it comes to your comfort.


Having enough space in your home means you can comfortably move around and feel more comfortable.  But as years go by your possessions increase or your family gets bigger.  No need to look for a bigger home though because London Lofts and Basements is just a call away.  We can do home extension projects to give you the space you require.  We will also work round the clock to make sure that our changes will easily integrate with your current home style.

Full House Refurbishments

Simple changes may not be enough if you are looking for an overall upgrade.  With our full house refurbishment and remodeling services, we are capable to help you do major changes.  We offer an initial consultation for free.  Schedule that with us and we will visit your home and do a survey. We can also assess your requirements and discuss available options to arrive at the best plan.

Call London Lofts and Basements in Surbiton KT5 & KT6 on020 7993 5798.  You can also fill out the contact form on the right.  We are more than willing to help you out for any home projects you have in Surbiton KT5 & KT6.