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Loft Conversion Thames Ditton

Lofts Conversion

Your loft is more than just a storage space of items you know you’ll never probably use again.  Our London Lofts and Basements’ team in Thames Ditton KT7­ is here to give you a free consultation on what you can do best for your loft area.  The years that we have worked with local clients provided us with awareness and knowledge to create ideas and designs for your loft.  We can also customize any loft conversion [project based on our clients’ request.

Basement Conversions

Most of the time, your basement is left unnoticed or just turned into a storage room and then kept locked for a long time.Basements are the most suitable area in your home to be converted because it gives a sense of privacy that can enable you to convert it to a more personalized space.  This makes the basement more ideal for work or study. You can also turn it into a mini library or even a guest room.  Our team can work with you on converting your basement into a more functional area in your home.


If you want more space in your Thames Ditton KT7 house, it can be problematic if you don’t have the right team to work with.  This is why our team comes highly recommended. The people of London Lofts and Basements can discuss with you which part of your house would serve best for extensions.  We will also let you know how we will undertake the home extension project and make sure it will not cause any inconvenience foryour day-to-day activities.


There are a lot of kitchen styles that you can see and this motivates a lot of homeowners to plan kitchen development projects.  With the needs of our clients in mind, London Lofts and Basements can do the kitchen renovation for you.  Whether it is as simple as making sure you can get rid of grime and slime to totally giving your kitchen a whole new look, we always give the best outcome in every kitchen conversion project.


London Lofts and Basements can come up with custom bathroom solutions for our residents in Thames Ditton KT7­.  Our knowledge and experience on the newest bathroom designs and plumbing systems that will definitely result in an efficient and successful bathroom conversion.   We also have various bath and shower systems that you can choose from or styles you can easily integrate with your own custom ideas.

Full House Refurbishments

London Lofts and Basements is at your service for any full house refurbishment projects in Thames Ditton KT7.  When you area big change for your home inside and out, you need only the best people who can understand what they are doing and have a proven track record of success.Whatever the current structure of your home is, we will workaccurately andplan carefully to make sure everything will work as planned.

For any home projects in Thames Ditton KT7 you can contact us by filling out the form to the right or give us a call on 020 7993 5798 for any of your home development projects.