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Loft Conversion West Molesey

Loft Conversion

London Lofts and Basements have been catering to our local clients in West Molesey KT8 for their home projects especially loft conversions. The people in our teams have been selected carefully because of their professionalism and skills so we can vouch for the quality of work they can deliver to your homes. Their efficiency in handling loft conversion projects is above average so if you are planning to find more use for your lofts than just dark, storage spaces, then get in touch with us.  We can help convert your loft into a whole new bedroom, a guest bedroom, a mini workshop or a home office.

Basement Conversions

Having your own basement is a great benefit for any homeowner.  Not because you can use it as a storage area but because you have so many options to convert it into various functions depending on your needs.  With a new person in your home, it can be a bedroom.  For an additional income you can turn it into a living space and rent it out.  If you are planning a home business, it can be a home office or a workshop.  The possibilities are endless especially if you let London Lofts and Basements handle your basement conversion.


Is your kitchen already looking worn and you no longer feel inspired to prepare homemade meals?  What you need then is to look at our available designs and plans to give you a whole new idea on how we can make your kitchen a brand new look.  Being one of the most essential areas in your house, your kitchen should be a place of comfort and inspiration.  Be a great cook or learn new cooking skills with a sparkling kitchen that has new features like a breakfast nook, polished surfaces and features and even stylish cupboards.


London Lofts and Basements in West Molesey KT8 is also offering bathroom conversions if you want your bathroom developed or renovated. We can make the surfaces shine like new, we can repaint the walls, give your bathroom a new ambiance or even change your bathing system to one you most feel comfortable with.  Our professionals are also very skilled in coming up with a plumbing system that won’t give you any headaches for a long time.


Is your home getting too cramped or too crowded? Then feel free to talk to us about our house extension services.  Our people can skillfully extend spaces and work smoothly with the current structure of your home to have the extension adapt to it.  Don’t need to spend on moving to a bigger house because after we’re done, you’ll be surprise how much area you can actually have.

Full House Refurbishments

Living in the same property for a long time requires it to be developed.  Our full house refurbishment services in West Molesey KT8 will help you do the overall change based on your budget and the changes you need to be done.  Our experts are very keen when it comes to details and very careful in planning major home projects like this.  We can offer you our free consultation so we can discuss what is the best way to have your house fully refurbished.

London Lofts and Basements is only one call away, dial 020 7993 5798 or fill out the form on the right to send us your questions.